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Our story

A message from Jim, Shaun, Jonathan and Luke.

We are proud to present to you The Property Crowd.

Good old-fashioned investment in bricks and mortar continues to be the "New Zealand dream". But the trend is clear, more and more New Zealander's are unable to participate.

The four of us have years of experience in the property industry both professionally and personally. For years we have heard, seen and experienced the frustrations and complications surrounding property investment in New Zealand.

We spent a great deal of time thinking... There must be a better way. And then the solution transpired... crowdfunding of properties.

The Property Crowd was born from our shared desire to change the way New Zealanders invest in property. This ground-breaking marketplace opens the real estate investment market to everyone with an interest in property.

We have been watching property crowdfunding develop internationally and have seen significant and sustained success in overseas markets like the UK, USA and Australia.

It was important to us that The Property Crowd's business model was socially responsible and didn't just benefit "investors". It has wider benefits for New Zealanders; For example, tenants have greater stability with security of tenure and an improved range and standard of rental properties, vendors have an alternative way to sell their properties and we assist our partnered Property Management Companies to sustain and grow their business.

It is also important to us that more New Zealanders develop a better understanding of investment and can positively participate. Our web based platform has been designed to support those just starting out with clear language, glossaries and help tools.

We are delighted to give you the opportunity to invest in quality property using our simple and transparent investment model.

We hope you'll love what we have built, and that you will join us to experience the benefits of residential property investment.

Yours faithfully,

Jim, Shaun, Jonathan and Luke.