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Our team

Jim Janse


Jim Janse is a strategic entrepreneur with exceptional leadership and operational skills. Jim has excellent interpersonal skills, strong financial acumen and experience in regulation management and compliance. Jim's occupational skills include Veterinary Medicine and Photography, he has a history of more than four successful start-up businesses in various industries.

Shaun Fuchs


Shaun Fuchs is a full-stack tech-lead and architect with over 18 years' experience in building systems for enterprises & start-ups. Shaun has specialist skills in online system design with experience building financial systems, security, analytics and reporting. Shaun has a fortitude for strategic development and a passion for new and innovative technology solutions.

Jonathan Michell

Relationship Manager

Jonathan Michell is a successful business owner and registered financial advisor, with specialist mortgage and insurance skills and a comprehensive understanding of tax, legal structures and CRM systems. Jonathan has extensive knowledge of the property market, with personal experience in property investment and development, managing renovations, subdivisions and a portfolio of rental properties.

Luke Snedden

Luke Snedden is a successful business operator with skills established from a solid foundation of business experience. Luke is proficient in developing and driving business strategies, developing and implementing marketing plans, utilising digital technology, implementing systems, allocating resources, hiring and managing staff and ensuring high quality customer service.

Simonne Mearns

Marketing Communications Manager

Simonne is a creative and innovative marketing professional, with over 13 years' experience representing big brands and small businesses. She is a passionate and dynamic marketer, specialising in planning, strategy and integrated marketing communication. Simonne is responsible for internationally award-winning campaigns such as 'MINI Driving Dogs'.

Jerry Hsiung

Senior Developer

Jerry Hsiung is a full-stack developer with over 10 years' experience in building systems for enterprises & start-ups. Jerry has a fortitude for software development and a passion for new and innovative technology solutions.