7 easy steps

1. Open an account and get verified

You can sign up to invest in PropertyShares by opening an account.

For your security, this process requires you to "get verified". We'll need your official identification and ask you some personal questions to confirm your identity.

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2. Fund your account

You can easily transfer money into your Property Crowd account from your New Zealand bank account.

It needs to be from a cheque or transaction account. Unfortunately, we cannot process transactions from savings accounts.

We hold your account money in an ASB Trust Account to ensure your funds are separated from the rest of our operations.

You can withdraw your money at any time. It will be transferred back to the bank account that you initially funded your Property Crowd account with.

3. Review our quality properties

The Property Crowd properties have passed our evaluation criteria which assesses build quality, compliance, location and scope for return.

To help protect your investment all of our properties are managed by a specialist independent Property Management Company.

They are maintained to a high standard and let too long-term tenants.

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4. Invest

Once you have been verified and have funded your account, you can start purchasing PropertyShares.

All our properties will clearly list a detailed breakdown of the financials involved. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible.

5. Receive monthly dividends

Once fully funded our Property Management Companies secure the tenancies and manage the properties. You'll receive monthly dividends based on your PropertyShare ownership.

Rent is collected monthly from each property's tenants, and is shared proportionately between the investors who have shares in that property's company. The rental income is paid net any management fees and maintenance costs one month in arrears.

The money is paid directly into your Property Crowd account where you can either withdraw your monthly income, or reinvest it to build your portfolio.

6. Track your investment

You can view the progress of your investment via your portfolio screen.

Regular updates will be made available such as rental income, property inspections, market and neighbourhood valuations, and more.

7. Sell your shares

In future if you wish to sell your PropertyShares you may be able to list them for sale on The Property Crowd's Resale Market, here they will be made available for other investors to buy.