What are The Property Crowd’s fees?

Last updated on 07 May 2019

Fees for investors

You pay 4% on the purchase of PropertyShares. e.g. if you choose to invest $1000 in one of our properties, $960 will go towards property shares and $40 will go to The Property Crowd.

In addition, The Property Crowd will retain any interest that is earned on investor funds in The Property Crowd’s trust account for the period that they are held. This interest is retained as an administration fee.

The Property Crowd’s fees may change at any time and we will inform our investors 30 days in advance of any change in fees.

Fees for Holding Companies

The Property Crowd charges a fee of $1000 to the holding company that owns the property. This fee is to host and manage a property on The Property Crowd's platform. This is not a fee charged to investors.

Fees for Property Management Companies

The Property Crowd does not charge the Property Management Companies for its services.