How does my investment earn a return with The Property Crowd?

Last updated on 15 April 2019

As an investor with The Property Crowd you can earn potential returns in two ways:

Monthly Rental Returns:

As a PropertyShares owner you will receive your share of the net rental income.

Rent is collected from each property's tenants and shared proportionately among the investors who have PropertyShares in that property (net the independent Property Management Company fee and any costs). Your share of rental income is paid directly into your Property Crowd account each month. You can either withdraw your monthly rental income or reinvest them to build your portfolio.

Capital Growth:

If the property's value goes up, or down, so does your PropertyShares value.

As a PropertyShares owner, you can monitor your portfolio via your dashboard. Each property's performance is tracked using suburb data and independent property valuations. This information serves as a price guide for investors. When the time is right for you, in future you'll be able to sell your PropertyShares on The Property Crowd's Resale Market and potentially realise any capital growth.