Is my money safe?

Last updated on 03 May 2018

We place high importance on minimising preventable risks.

Platform Security: We utilise data encryption to protect your information and conduct regular testing to check and improve our platform security.

Quality Properties: Our properties are carefully selected and must pass our evaluation criteria which assess build quality, compliance, location and scope for return.

Transparency: We provide you with honest real data with all the information you need on the properties, your investments and our fees at your fingertips.

Trust Account: Before the completion of an investment, the money you transfer will be held in a trust account, completely separate to our own company bank accounts.

Asset Segregation: Each property is separately owned by an individual holding company, asset segregation is another way to minimising risk.

Fund Application: When the property becomes fully funded and the property settlement can take place, your money will be transferred to our solicitor’s client account and this money will only be used to fund the purchase of the property and any renovation or other costs specified in the original investment offer.